We Specialize in Fishing Lessons

Unlike most fishing tour providers in Greece, we, are sport fishing aficionados ourselves. Ionian Fishing was created with the sole purpose of delivering the best possible Fishing Lesson Experience to our clients. If you love fishing and want to explore Greece’s best fishing locations you are in the right place. We specialize in every fishing discipline you can imagine both from boat and foot - just let us know what’s on your mind and we will take care about the rest! Find out more!

Fishing Lessons

Big Game Fishing

If you are looking for once in a lifetime fishing experience look no further! Big Pelagic predators such as Marlin, Swordfish, Bonito and Tuna are lurking below! Fights could last for well over an hour until one side decides to give up. It's up to you to decide which side is it going to be!

Vertical Jigging

Vertical jigging success is evenly split between technique and location. We can teach you both! Aiming for large predators hidden in deep crevices of the sea-floor. Amberjacks, Groupers, Dentex and Snappers are common but keep in mind that jigging is unpredictable and things can get wild! Find out more

Spinning Fishing

Spinning Fishing is unarguably the corner stone of lure fishing technique. Countless lures and very light tackle are in the angler's arsenal. Cruising by the coastline and river mouths the angler get's the chance to enjoy the majestic scenery of Sivota looking for sea-bass, bluefish and barracudas. Find out more

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Our Shop

We offer a carefully selected range of products to enable you getting the best fishing experience when back at home. We partnered with Motocraft SA (Humminbird / Minn-kota) to offer you top-notch fish finders and trolling engines.

We are constantly updating our range of products with gear and tackle that we would use for our selves.

Stay Tuned

Success in fishing consists of 3 variables. Locations, Technique and Luck. Our Fishing Expert’s team can assure that you get the first 2 right! We can’t promise about the third. However eliminating the guesswork usually works wonders (we all have bad days tho).

We know our stuff! We will show you the right spot, and teach you what you should do and guide you during the process. We can assure you that you are going to have great time!

Our Fishing Expert

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